Active AIR M50

Emergency Respirator- 10 min

Weight: 150 g
Lens Standard: DIN 58647-7
Norms: ABEK 10min, CE0426
Mask / Filter: Activated carbon
Nose clip: ABS
Sealing lips: Silicone
Packing: Individual Polybag
Carton packing: 1 Pcs/Box; 45 Boxes/Carton; 45 Pcs/Carton
Minimum Quantity

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    Active AIR M50 [ M50 ]
    • ACTIVE AIR M50 (MAY DAY) emergency respirator is a filtering device designed exclusively for escape. The choice and use are the responsibility of the user.  
    • It protects against organic gases and vapors boiling above 65 ° C, inorganic gases and vapors, acid and basic gases and vapors.
    • The protection is limited compared to compounds with a low boiling point, for example gases and vapors with a boiling point lower than 65 ° C and in highly toxic concentrations.
    • Emergency respirators do not protect against carbon monoxide or oxygen deficiency.
    • They do not supply oxygen.
    • Emergency respirators must be chosen according to their nominal duration.
    • Duration of the emergency respirator is 10 minutes.