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Free Shipping & additional discount

Zones Country of destination (*excluding Islands)          Free Shipping if order > Shipping cost if order < Free shipping amount 2% additional discount if order > 4% additional discount if  order >
Zone 1 Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg 500€ 15€ + 10% of order value 1200€ 3000€
Zone 2
France, Poland, Austria, Czech republic 600€ 20€ + 10% of order value
1500€ 4000€
Zone 3
Italy (north), Spain, Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, England 800€ 25€ + 10% of order value
1700€ 5000€
Zone 4
Portugal, Italy (south), Croatia, Scotland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Ireland
1000€ 50€ + 10% of order value
2500€ 7000€
Zone 5
Switzerland 2000CHF 100CHF + 10% of order value
4000CHF 10'000CHF
Zone 6 Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia
2000€ 80€ + 10% of order value
3500€ 8500€
Zone 7
Greece, Finland, Norway 2000€
100€ + 10% of order value 

If the order value is below the free shipping order value, we have to charge a  fixed delivery fee  + 10% of the order amount  to support the transportation and administrative costs.

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Delivery Time

As our warehouse is located in Belgium, a central place for logistics, we can  deliver across all European Union countries within 1 to 5 business days  depending on the shipping location.

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Worldwide shipping

If the shipping location is  outside of the European Union please  contact our team prior to placing an order  to get a specific shipping quote and estimate time of delivery.

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Return Policy

Whether you are simply unhappy with your purchase or the goods are faulty, our policy allows you to return the items easily. 

For unwanted items:

If you are unhappy with your purchase or have changed your mind, let us know within 14 calendar days of receiving/collecting your goods and we can issue a voucher for the cost of the goods. However, you will have to support the cost of the return shipment and the goods you are returning must be undamaged, in the original packaging, with all their intact labels, and fully suitable for re-sale.

We do not support free returns in order not to charge a premium and penalize customers that do not return their orders. 

For faulty goods:

If your goods are defective, we are sorry and you must return them to us within 30 days of receiving/collecting the goods (or within a reasonable time after the discovery of the defect when it was not apparent). If we assess once we receive the goods that they are defective, you will be refunded of the cost of the goods as well as the cost of the return shipment.