Active VISION V320

Anti-Fog - Anti-Scratch - Impact Resistance- Protection against Liquids and Dusts

Weight: 95 g
Materials: High Resistant Lens (PC); Indirect Ventilation Frame (HTPR, PC); Length Adjustable Headband (Polyester)
Packing: Individual Polybag
Carton packing: 5 Goggles/Box; 20 Boxes/Carton; 100 Goggles/Carton
Norms: Impact Norm - EN 166:2001
Lens Standard: UV Norm - EN 170:2001
Lens Marking: 2C-1.2 1BT CE
Frame Marking: EN 166 3 4 BT CE
Metal Free: Yes
Anti-Scratch: Yes
Anti-Fog: Yes
Impact Resistance: Yes

Minimum Quantity
Active VISION V320 [V320]
  • Enhanced field of vision

  • Soft HTPR pad seal to insure a perfect fit, comfort and protection

  • Indirect ventilation system for improved circulation against fog 

  • Adjustable elastic headband

  • Anti-fog and scratch resistance protection on the inside and on the outside.

  • Over the glass (OTG). can be worn over prescription glasses

  • Letter T on the frame and lens markings for protection against Impact at extreme temperatures (-5°C & +55°C)

  • Letter B on the frame and the lens markings for High energy impact resistant (120 m/s)

  • Number 4 on the frame markings for a protection against big dust (>5 µm) 

  • Number 3 on the frame markings for protection against liquid (droplets or splashes)